Discover How eating "for" thyroid health...

Can help you Make the shift and take back your health and your life!

Discover How eating "for" thyroid health...

Can help you Make the shift and take back your health and your life!

the best kept secret in thyroid health...

I spent too many miserable years blinded by the reasoning for our symptoms, thinking a pill was the only answer. Being ignored and told that I had to accept how I felt as my new "normal". 

YOU DON'T! I'm on a mission to help you understand what your Dr's won't tell you and help you fight back!



  The Breakthrough Course On Thyroid Health
  The Complete 62+ Lesson Hypothyroid Master Series ... 

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What Can Change?

when you're on the road to eating "for" thyroid health?

Weightloss - Energy - Digestion - Mood - Cravings - Hair Growth - Improved Skin - Strength - Happiness - Other Health Issues

...Absolutely Everything!

Who Is This For?

Those with Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's who are TIRED of dealing with never-ending symptoms and are ready for REAL solutions with building a thyroid healthy lifestyle!

I Used to Think...

this extreme exhaustion was just the normal life of a hypothyroid, busy mom with young kids.I thought I had to accept how I felt as my new "normal".  

What I Discovered Blew Me  Away...

I discovered the leading cause for hypothyroidism and hashimoto's is related to FOOD in some way or another. Deficiencies, sensitivities, gut, liver, stomach acid.... the list goes on and on. Shocked? YEP I was too and I definitely had my doubts. But I'm going on 5 years of eating "for" my thyroid health WITHOUT dieting or fads which led me to being medication free, perfect labs, and feeling better than I EVER have. NOT TO MENTION the HUNDREDS of other women accomplishing the exact same thing! 


finally feeling like YOU again!   Having the energy to not just survive the day but having energy to spare, to say "YES" to your family, to be able to workout, FINALLY lose the weight that never seems to let go, to see your hair grow back, have the brain fog lift, and just feel "normal" again!

How would your life feel if it no longer felt difficult to do the easiest of tasks? How would it feel to wake with energy and tackle your day with purpose and life!

IMAGINE the feeling of KNOWING all the incredible good you are doing for your body by working WITH it and NOT AGAINST it!!

Did You Know...

This is FAR more than "just" a thyroid disease?

Staggering Fact #1: 

It's NOT "Just" Thyroid


This disease is FAR beyond "just" a thyroid disease! There are so many other factors involved yet we're told a pill is the "solution". 

Staggering Fact #2: 

Slow Destruction

Did you know some foods can damage our thyroid and slowly destroy our precious gland? Along with many other healthy foods that can slow it down!

Staggering Fact #3: 

Our Critical Needs

Did you know, that gluten can lead us down a path of nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut, gut auto-immunity, and even impaired immune function! 

What Would Life Be Like If Everything Changed For You?

dieting leaves holes in our nutrition!!

I used to follow...

Any diet without a second thought of how it affected my health.... 






too lean left me nutrient deficient.


low carb tanked my T3 hormones. 


low calorie left my body starving.


"diet" foods and random "weightloss" shakes affected my gut and loaded my body with toxins. 

EVEN when...

I "thought" I was finally eating really healthy - Turns out I was doing it wrong! 

I had no idea what I was eating contributed to EVERY SINGLE health issue I had... debilitating heartburn, high cholesterol, diabetes, IBS, anxiety, depression, & YES EVEN my hypothyroidism.

It wasn't until I focused on eating FOR my thyroid health and educated myself that it all came together.

But Sue This Doesn't Apply To Me!

"My family has  hypothyroidism so mine is genetic" ...

Genetics is a predisposition NOT a cause! This only means you are more susceptible, something still needs to "trigger" your thyroid to slow down. 

"I no longer have my thyroid so I will always need medication"...

Yes this is true, you will always need medication, please never stop taking it! BUT your body STILL needs to use that medication correctly. When it doesn't, symptoms will persist - always!

"But my Dr says my diet doesn't matter"...

YEP mine did too!! You know what I discovered? Dr's are not trained in nutrition - they are trained in medicine!! They take LESS than 20 hours of nutrition courses in 4 years of med school. Conventional medicine can be a miracle in many ways, but conventional medicine is exactly that - MEDICINE!! They are trained in symptoms, labs and MEDS! NOT looking for the reason behind that symptom!

do i have your attention yet?
  • To feel like you can't make it through the day. 
  • ​To have to say "I can't" to playing with your kids because you're too darn tired. 
  • ​To fall asleep during play time when all your kids wanted was quality time with you. 
  • ​To get frustrated because the most simple tasks feel impossible. 
  • ​To see your hair fall out, wonder if you'll ever think straight again, and wear sweaters and socks even in the summertime.
  • ​To cry because nobody around you seems to understand what your going through. 
And years MISERABLE because I never knew there were other factors. I assumed this extreme exhaustion was the life of a busy mom with hypothyroidism and young kids. I just thought I had to accept how I felt as my new "normal".  

I never actually knew eating "for" thyroid health was a thing or something I should even do. I mean sure we all know to "eat healthy", but I never knew there were possibilities with FOOD that could actually make a difference beyond that little pill. And I NEVER KNEW that even some HEALTHY foods could damage my health AND my thyroid function!!


All I know is back then, I felt at war with my body and my thyroid and I didn't understand why I just couldn't feel.... well, normal? I just wanted was a piece of myself again, you know what mean?

Eating too lean left me nutrient deficient. 

Eating low carb tanked my T3 hormones. 

Eating "diet" foods and random "weightloss" shakes affected my gut and loaded my body with toxins. 

Eating low calorie left my body starving...

I "thought" I was finally eating really healthy - Turns out I was doing it wrong!

I had no idea what I was eating contributed to EVERY SINGLE health issue I had... debilitating heartburn, high cholesterol, diabetes, IBS, anxiety, depression, & YES EVEN my hypothyroidism.

It wasn't until I focused on eating FOR my thyroid health and educated myself that it all came together.

there was a problem...

each new bit of information led me down another rabbit hole. 

I'd finally get a piece of the puzzle, only to have a dozen more questions, which literally led to years worth of research. It took an immense amount of time and effort to figure out the who, the what, and the how! 

and I wanted answers...

I wanted a REAL SOLUTION!  And not to just my Hypothyroidism, but ALL of it! My diabetes, high cholesterol, heartburn (after 17 years), IBS, anxiety, and depression.... I was just done!

I Know YOU Feel It Too!

That's Why I Want To Help You 


Because... EVERYTHING Finally Changed...

When I Fought For My Health And I Took This Road Of Nutrition SERIOUSLY


This course is for those with hypothyroidism and/or hashimoto's who are ready for a thyroid healthy lifestyle they can stick to. 

This  62+ Lesson master series will show you exactly everything I've learned and everything I've done to get to where I am today. Feeling my best, even medication free, and maintaining my hypothyroidism naturally!

62 Lesson online self paced course 

A workbook for tracking "your" needs 

Amazing downloadable bonuses 

Meal plans and food lists 

Learn how to advocate for your health  

topics such as...

  • How our thyroid works! 
  • The chain of events, and what can go wrong
  • ​How gluten is destroying your health in 3 shocking ways
  • The Details behind inflammation 
  • The Effects inflammation has on our thyroid health!
  • Damaging effects & why what we eat matters
  • ​Critical nutrients your thyroid must have to even work 
  • A Comprehensive review on how it all works
  • FINALLY get a good nights sleep & what you're missing
  • What to do about joint pain and where it's coming from
  • Finally grasp Hashimoto's and antibodies
  • Best Practices in addressing and reversing Hashimoto's
  • Identifying other trouble areas like gut and liver
  • Why alcohol, sugar, and water affects our thyroid
  • FINALLY understand labwork & KNOW what to ask for!
  • What to do about exercise and adrenal fatigue
  • ​The Foods to avoid and what eat regularly

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The Master Series Alone...

...Is Like Spending HOURS and HOURS With A Dietitian... 

BUT I want NOTHING left to chance.... I truly want to see you SUCCEED so you will also want to have these BONUSES!


Now Included ....

12 MONTHS OF MEAL PLANS ($600 Value)

I want to give you everything I can to help you succeed and if there is one thing I've learned it's that being prepared is half the battle. 

I don't want you to ever be without a plan or ideas so with this BRAND NEW BONUS you will have 12 months of recipe packs that will be COMPLETE with a laid out weekly planner, weekly shopping list, and recipe key for easy to find nutrition details with each recipe. 

And A Course Workbook

For Personal Notes & Tracking YOUR needs!

I have also created a course workbook to walk the course with you. This book includes space for notes and tracking so that you can track YOUR personal needs as you flow through the course. 

We aren't one size fits all and there is SO much information to review I wanted to be sure to include a way for you to easily make notes on the areas that are most important and relevant to YOU.   




This was LITERALLY the very first step on this road but man was it hard and confusing. I didn't know what gluten was, where to find it, what to even replace it with. I felt like, every time I was on a roll, I'd find something sneaky with gluten in it. I was accidentally "GLUTENED" more times than I could count. 

It became defeating. My vitamins. Things I used all the time like taco seasoning and bullion cubes, gravys, and soups. Even when I ate out and ordered eggs assuming this had to be perfectly safe - NOPE!! Turns out MANY restaurants add pancake batter to their eggs bc it makes them fluffier... I mean SERIOUSLY!!!

This doesn't have to happen to you tho! Because I put all of my research into this 48 page Master guide to help you through every part of living gluten free. 

The Who - The What - The How! All Right Here



Let me shoot it to you straight. Gluten hides EVERYWHERE!! It's really INSANE!

It's a cheap filler so manufacturers will pretty much put it in anything to help bind ingredients. It's really frustrating and WORST YET there are DOZENS of sneaky words that sound NOTHING like "wheat" or "gluten". Maltodextrin for example can be derived from wheat and we find this word in everything.

This 9 page (yes 9 pages-crazy right!) guide is loaded with all the sneaky places gluten hides PLUS resources to research your medication to help prevent you from getting "glutened" like I did SO many times!



I am a FIRM believer that when you understand "WHY" you are doing something you are more likely to stick to it. I didn't take being GF seriously at first. In fact, it took me a long time to follow through and it's simply because I didn't know why I was doing it. It was just recommended is all I initially knew.

As I continued my research and uncovered the 3 MASSIVE reasons WHY gluten affects our health in such huge ways I was done with it. It was easier to stick to being gluten free because I was able to grasp "WHY" it mattered and I've never looked back!



This 11 page book will change EVERYTHING for you! This is an accumulation of food lists in MANY DIFFERENT areas that will be your constant go to guide! A master list in every area that I found over the years. Which Also INCLUDES a MASTER foods do's and don'ts list!

A master list of foods to guide you on what to limit and avoid. ​A breakdown of foods based on macros: the good, the bad and the ugly for hypothyroid sufferers. ​​Critical lists of foods you MUST have regularly. ​​Foods that are damaging and slow your thyroid down. ​​Where to find the critical nutrients you so desperately need. ​​Dangerous areas such as estrogen dominance and inflammation.



Ok so you already have my FULL meal guide with over 40 recipes to get you started. The above would give you everything you need to KILL IT with being gluten free... NOW what you need is a way to plan.

This is a 7 day meal planner to help you layout your week of meals AND to help you keep it simple! You can take what you learn about nutrition and apply it with this planner. 

They say "if you don't plan, then plan to fail" - well I've got you covered! 



40 AMAZING and easy recipes, bc well I'm not a chef (just ask my kids!). PLUS tips, ideas, a full planner scheduled out, meal prep ideas, and more. Recipes for easy dressings, every meal of the day and go to snacks you will LOVE

This book is LOADED with ideas and guidance on how I eat every day that helps me maintain my health, balanced nutrition, and feeling full and satisfied. 



10 Days planned out and ready to go filled with recipes that are thyroid healthy and filling. 

As the saying goes, if you don't have a plan then your planning to fail which is why I'm making sure you don't have just 1 plan but 2! Completely different recipes to make sure you have the variety you need to keep going for the long haul!


Hypothyroid Healing Smoothies ($27 Value)

This is an accumulation of some of the best thyroid healing smoothies I've made and LOVED! You will love this go to list so you can make on the go thyroid healing smoothies that will satisfy and fulfill your health all at the same time. They will be a constant healthy go to!!
  • Simple and delicious smoothies loaded with ingredients that are not only extremely nutritious but also healing to our thyroid.
  • ​​Reduce inflammation and feel your best
  • ​​Find the amazing add ins you can put in any of your smoothies to boost your health!



First, let me say supplementation can be scary!! Did you know the supplement industry is NOT regulated?? That's right so they actually can put ANYTHING in those little capsules and worst yet study after study shows that MOST of the big brands aren't the dose the claim!!This can leave you vulnerable and wasting money!! 

My guide will help take you in the right direction. I've researched TONS of different supplements, what they do, how they can help, AND BETTER YET how to get most of them naturally INSTEAD of in a mystery pill!!

BONUS #10:

Feed Yourself Healthy Start Guide ($17 Value)

When I think about all I've learned over years and years of research it's mind blowing. This is a guide to help you have a place to begin. My top 5 tips on where to begin along with why they matter. 
  • Learn more about how nutrition is connected to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's
  • ​Learn my top 5 tips to begin feeling your best
  • ​Shift your beliefs into knowing you CAN feel great and live your best life!! 
  • ​​Get clear on just a few of the reasons you are Hypothyroid?

BONUS #11:


I won't sugar coat it, there is ALOT to learn. I can't believe how much information has been stuffed into my brain these last several years. I never would have believed anyone in the past had they told me just how much was connected to this disease, all the while Dr's simply push a pill with the mentality that this is the "solution". And for those with no thyroid at all, it is a true miracle... but it's the wrong answer for most.

Medication is rarely, if ever, at MINIMUM the only solution. And the Hypothyroid Master Series will help you uncover WHY this is true.

I designed the Hypothyroidism Handbook to be a reference tool. A place you can quickly review things that are important and you may have forgotten. The more you see it, the more you understand it, the more you stay focused and TRUE to becoming your most energetic, healthiest YOU! Plus, I've included some very interesting bonus material.

finally Increase your energy & feel great again!

Discover what it takes to increase your energy and how to eat "FOR" your thyroid health so you can feel your best!

improve your health and get back to living life

Heal yourself from the inside out. You will soon discover food is absolutely the best medicine!

be able to advocate for yourself & your health!

Understand this disease from a deeper level and go to your next appointment with the knowledge to fight for YOUR needs!

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You could spend HUNDREDS of dollars with a Dietitian only to leave more confused and without ALL the resources you need to get your health on track. Or you could have all the resources and guidance right at your finger tips for a fraction of the cost.

There Is No Question...

That I would NOT be here had I not taken a chance on myself and had that moment of HOPE years ago.

And NOW you can start too - the hard work has been done for you!  

I've helped hundreds of women take their life back now and I can't wait to add you to that list.  

Remember, You only heal by getting to the ROOT of the problem. WHY you are Hypothyroid in the first place and REMEMBER: It's NOT genetics!! Dig deeper and you will find solutions you never imagined were possible...

--- Sincerely, Sue Peters

Here's A Recap Of


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  • BONUS #10: ​The Feed Yourself Healthy Guide ($17 Value)
  • BONUS #11: ​​​The Hypothyroid Resource Handbook ($37 Value)
  • The FULL Hypothyroid Master Series...11 Module, 62+ Lesson online course ($597 Value)
  • ​NEW BONUS: 12 Months of Recipe Packs ($600 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: The Gluten Free Master Guide ($97 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #2: The Gluten Free WHY Companion Guide ($47 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #3: The Gluten Free Sneaky Pete List ($37 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #4: The Hypothyroid Critical Foods Master Guide ($47 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #5: The Weekly Meal Planner ($27 Value)
  • ​​​BONUS #6: The Every Day Meal Planner ($57 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #7: The 10 Day Thyroid Booster ($47 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #8: The Thyroid Healing Smoothies Book ($27 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #9: The Supplement Resource Guide ($37 Value)
  • BONUS #10: ​The Feed Yourself Healthy Start Guide ($17 Value)
  • BONUS #11: ​​​The Hypothyroid Resource Handbook ($37 Value) 

Total Value $1674

But today it's yours... 


For Only $127


I am a certified nutritionist NOT a Dr! The information  I share on thyroid health is uncovered from years of DEEP research to heal my own issues with thyroid disease along with the many other health issues I faced. I am not telling you to go off of medication nor am I telling you this will "cure" your disease - there is no cure - thyroid disease can only be managed. However, in many cases it can be managed with food or by getting to the deeper root cause of WHY the thyroid has slowed down.  My thyroid issues are managed 100% with the RIGHT diet and habits.  Not only do I now feel my best but it absolutely shows in my lab results. Read our full disclaimer below

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